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ZOHO Implementation & Support

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Business today are scaling at a huge pace, increasing their employee count and turnover each year. With this growth-centric development, switching to new tools every now and then, has its challenges.

Adopting solutions like ZOHO can help you manage and scale faster with the increasing requirements. The software suite provides applications to manage any business area namely: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Customer Relationship Management, Accounts, Survey, Productivity etc.

Though migrating and implementing your business operations to a cloud environment can seem intimidating at first, with the right implementation partner it can be achieved with ease.

Need Help migrating to ZOHO Solutions?

Our consultants will help you with a detailed implementation roadmap, based on your business process and requirements. With real-time data, we will ensure that you have end-to-end visibility of your operations.We help you solve align your business process effectively, resolving any bottlenecks while doing so.

Our Offerings

With the evolving industry requirements, its crucial to avoid constant jumping between apps, managing multiple subscriptions and the chaos of connecting individual app integrations. When opting for a one-stop solution like ZOHO for all your business technology requirements, it is equally important that the implementation plan considers every aspect of your business.

Our key ZOHO implementation offerings include:

Steps to be followed in ZOHOImplementation

We provide organizations the support, they need to implementZOHO solutions to grow successfully.

The phases in ZOHO implementation methodology are:

Understanding the business requirement and goals, we outline a preliminary plan as per the pain points and organize the respective teams.

We finalize the approach as per the business requirement plan and document the details. Aligning the technical and non-technical requirements, we close any gaps as per the functional scope of the business.

Based on the functional scope, we initiate configuration of your ZOHO environment saving you weeks of time reading manuals. We even develop customized solution and setup the system parameters, integrating to other applications as per the business need.

We verify the environment readiness as per business requirement before production rollout. Optimizing key functionality as per the business process, wemodify the environment and debug any errors in the implementation system per the best practices. The testing phases includes of comprehensive unit testing, integration testing and final user acceptance testing (UAT).

We help migrate all the data from the legacy systems to the new environment and conduct all of the logistic preparation for the end user. Post deployment, necessary cleanup or monitoring is done in this phase.

Employee training and pre-requisites are covered to help the team adapt to ZOHO. Further as necessary we provide on-site and off-site support to handhold our customers in the new environment during the support period.

Benefits of ZOHO Implementation

How TechnoI can help you achieve your goals

Manage, automate, and scale your business better.

ZOHO is a suite of applications for your entire business. The entire integrations, automation, and various customizable modulescan be used as a one-time solution or as a continuous integration in business process.

With decades of experience in implementing business solutions, we are experts in ZOHO solutions right from implementation, development, customization until the end support.Helpingyour operations to take advantage of the latest tech to grow their business, Techno-I will help you improve your process, increase your efficiency, and save time to focus on what really matters.

Engaging with you on an ongoing basis to complete yourZOHO implementation process, we help you implement the software according to your business needs, organize an easy setup, and provide training and support so that you can get the most out of ZOHO.

ZOHO implementation and integration requires keen understanding of the technological and functional solutions for your revamping your business and bridging any gaps between your requirement and implementation plan. Only the right set of certified professionals will be able to help you reach your ZOHO implementation goals.