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Application Development Services

We offer Application Development Services tailored to your unique business goals.

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The world has shifted its focus to Digital, and businesses have built services around that movement.Best digital products are those that can be used seamlessly across platforms, devices, and languages. Hence, its necessary to understand your business goals, and expectations before moving to application development. Althoughcreating new applications is never easy but it doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Have a big idea? Ready to launch a new app in the market? Want to build an MVP for your next startup project?

We help businesses who want to merge traditional applications with new and emerging technologies by developing efficient solutions that meets their business needs.Our team of application developers will first conduct a thorough analysis of your specific needs, developing the perfect solution that’ll deliver maximum value to your business.

Ready to modernize your Apps?

Techno-I’s application development services for Mobile, Big Data, SaaS and IoT apps are trusted by the world’s leading organizations. We can help you manage your diverse and complex applications at lower cost and enables rapid response to requests for new functionality and requirements.

Our Application Development services include, but not limited to:

Phases to be followed in Application Development

We plan out end-to-end cycle for application development, defining milestones for successful implementation

We go through the business requirements in this ideation phaseto ensure that we understand the vision for the project covering key points like target audience, estimated cost, and market trend.

We evaluate the features, resources and define a schedule plan for the project. Resource planning, task and activities are outlined to estimate release date.

Our UI/UX team draws the first look of the app, considering all the requirements in the order of priority. We revise the design as per the review and finalize the workflow for production.

We categorize the critical and priority task, as per the workflow defined. Our team of engineers will initiate the development on the predecided tech stack with regular reporting. Project Manager oversees the entire development process and has regular meeting with the client to update the progress.

QA team tests the application as per the acceptance criteria, gauging whether the app features pass all the checklist. We conduct unit and UAT testing prior deployment to verify if all the functionalities are performing as necessary. Application is pushed into production after confirming that the code is clean with no bugs remaining.

Post successful testing and optimization, we push the application for final release. Our team reviews the deployment process to remediate any issues. Post deployment, we provide maintenance to assist in code refining, bug resolution and enhancements.

Benefits of Custom Application Development

How TechnoI can help you achieve your goals

Save time and resource spent in developing, managing, and deploying your applications by leveraging Techno-I’s Application Development expertise.

We help you build custom-designed apps, increase productivity, improve efficiency, reduce cost – without sacrificing any quality. Our team of certified software engineers are committed to excellence and specialize in modernizing, simplifying, and securing enterprise-level software applications by developing cost effective solutions that fit your business needs.

We help you manage diverse and complex applications at lower cost.

Techno-I believes in the power of the Application Development and our focus is primarily on developing the perfect solution that’ll deliver maximum value to your business. We’ll work closely with you to define your specific use case whether using either off-the-shelf systems or homegrown apps.