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SAP Implementation & Support

SAP Implementation & Support

SAP solutions were developed to help companies manage their business and make the most of the digital economy. SAP provides enterprise software solutions in areas that range from customer relationship management to supply chain management and other lines of business according to your needs.

SAP’s enterprise resource planning products are built on a single core platform and are available in two versions: SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) and S/4HANA. Both platforms share the same code base, but S/4HANA is optimized for digital transformation.

With these broad capabilities and the right strategy, we can help you solve the most complex business challenges with the right implementation approachresulting in better ROI.

Struggling to deploy your SAP solutions?

If so, it is time to call in the experts. With over 10 years of experience, our SAP consultants can help your organization get the most out of your new software solution.

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Our Offerings

Traditional softwares are no longer efficient to manage, store or handle business data, hence the growing rise in digital transformation across multiple organizations. The ERP solutions need to be effective and robust in all manner to protect assets from data breach during all stages of implementation.

SAP implementation is crucial for an organization’s ability tohandle the technicalities of business operations. Our key SAP solution offerings include:

Steps to follow in Implementation

We provide organizations the support they need to deploy SAP solutions to grow successfully.

The phases in SAP methodology are:

Considering the requirements, and the objectives, we will help you define a preliminary plan considering all the details. Resources planning and analysis along with selection of the right approach as the key aspects of this phase.

SAP Implementation is a planned process, which considers both your present and future business scope/process. The blueprint phase will help to understand the gaps between process, and address concerns require both at the organization and technical level.

Post gap analysis we will proceed with baseline system configuration, fine tuning systems and eliminating any gaps as per the blueprint.

System Integration Testing can be conducted parallelly along the implementation/migration phase in multiple stages. Integration Testing, Unit Testing and Day-in-the-life testing etc are covered in this phase.

Systems pre-requisites and employee training are covered under this phase to ensure that everything is in place before we go live.

We migrate all the date to the production environment from the staging area, and review that all the production support teams/ activities are in place for an optimized performance of SAP systems.

Benefits of SAP Implementation

How TechnoI can help you achieve your goals

Implementing SAP isn’t easy. Even less easy to do it right.

SAP’s a complicated beast-enterprise-wide softwarecoupled with an extensive list of system requirements and hidden costs. We are the experts at deploying enterprise-wide SAP solutions, which means we can provide you with better, faster service for everything from consulting to finance to HR.

Delivered by SAP experts, our enterprise SAP implementation service helps you to design, deploy, and adopt SAP solutions. This also includes a comprehensive project management approach that supports your company’s defined business need and objectives.

Our team of IT experts and consultants with deep experience in SAP system development, implementations, upgrades, and support help customers solve their most complex IT challenges.

Implementation of SAP solutions is journey, which includes key checkpoints like installation, migration, integration, application management support and training specifically. Only with the right set of certified professionals will be able to help you reach your implementation goals.

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