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Industries We Serve

Our global services include Business Process Improvement, ERP Implementations, and Global Rollouts, Upgrades, Testing, Application Management, Analytical Services and infrastructure support.


Earlier the pharma Industry faced various business challenges of regulatory requirements, discerning customer base and continuous demand which are unpredictable in the market segments.

Pharmaceutical industry is made up of multiple factors where ERP system solutions enables the consolidation and integration of all the manufacturing process while keeping the track of business-sensitive information across the entire firm.

So, we help you to connect the internal autonomous process integrating with the essential process consisting of planning, Purchasing, inventory management, sales & marketing in real time. You can effortlessly track the processes of production batch, sales operations, quality assurance and so forth on regular zone.

Oil & Gas

ERP solutions with oil and gas has responsibilities to reduce hard work and time as good as possible. Our solution will help you with Compliance & Regulatory management, Production scheduling, Real time Asset control, TQM/QA processing, Resource Management, Data back up & Recovery. This makes access available anytime which helps you to manage and analyse metrics across functions and reports based on specific user decision.

IT services

Custom ERP solutions makes it quite easy to manage and monitor the Operations in Business, Financial Activities, and internal processes very easily at your fingertips. We are here to automate your business processes, thereby increasing your company’s efficiency. Techno I help you with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales & Marketing, Human Resource Management, Purchases, Reports and many more. If you are looking for Professional IT service ERP development services it is time to consider the Team of Techno I.


Our ERP for Infrastructure industry will enable you to streamline complex business functions. Plan your business expansions profitably by managing the infrastructure business using a full-fledged ERP system. It automates most of the things and reduce operational hassles.


ERP software for can help the telecom industry stand out in quick service delivery and non-stop network. It also gives you a speedy complaint redressing mechanism and helps you to introduce special offers for trusted customers. Techno-I offers you the best Implementation & Integration support with customer satisfaction. Automation and ERP help not only to speed up operations but also help you to improve your sales & Services, customer relation, and service quality.


Keeping the current circumstances and rising global demand in the automotive industry in mind, it is wise that companies are now investing in dedicated ERP software development that able to help in operational management and organizational structure accurately.


In a Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Industrythe biggest challenge is to build customer loyalty and ensure customer engagement. We provide you the perfect solution for managing your FMCG Business requirements in managing Sales Order Management, Shipping management, Batch management, Delivery date management, Service Order management, Multi-level BOM, RMA and many more.


Business with bulk transactions every day require a smart and efficient system that streamlines all their processes. ERP implementation for Hospitality helps you to Enhance customer service, Improve and unify sales, Advanced financials.


ERP implementation in Public sector will help you toengage citizens, businesses, government agencies and NGO’s and deliver services in cost effective manner. We use our Implementation process to innovate the governance model.


Advanced ERP software industry for a banking industry will help you to integrate all the branches under the bank and departments under each of these branches. It also updates real- time status of transactions streamlined workflow.


TechnoI under stands the complexities involved with running a pharmaceutical or state institution, we help to implement track and trace system in supply chain it will manage amount of data, stock information, drug sterilization, regulatory reporting, research and development or any other medical affairs.


ERP for textile mill helps in acquiring absolute control over its operations by tracking it every step.Most of the errors and delays are eliminated and reduces the operational costs. All the data is stored centrally and maintains proper account details.