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Data Analytics Services

We offer scalable data analytics services that are tailored to your unique business goals.

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Your business’s data is what makes it tick. The science behind how data analytics services work is uncovering the insight that will keep your company atop the competition. Businesses today need to rely heavily on the enterprise-grade data aggregation, analysis, and reporting.

With Techno-I, you will get a team of experts and an easy-to-use service for all your needs, delivering customized solutions from predictive analytics, R&D, business intelligence, marketing analysis to customer intelligence. Our wide range of tailored business analytics solutions will make it easy for our clients to stay ahead of trends.

Uncover insights from your data and develop new strategies for business growth.

Our team of BI analysts and data scientists have helped organizations be future ready by delivering data and analytics solutions that are customized to your enterprise requirements.

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We help our client in both simple and complex business requirements, with the right tools and techniques at our disposal.

Our Analytics services include, but not limited to:

We can help you with your various business data needs. Our BI experts will help you extract businesses insights from the historical data, perform complex analysis, and automate repetitive tasks like daily reports and status emails. Stop spending time on data preparation and getinsightful analysis to make better decisions.

Data warehouses are the only way to store and leverage data without going broke. Cloud data warehouses offer an affordable, secure, scalable, and efficient approach to managing your data for your business. No need for expensive hardware or physical infrastructure with cloud data warehouses, and much easier to manage than traditional data warehouses.
Our cloud data warehouse platform lets you do this with ease. Pay for what you need when you need it. No more overages or unexpected bills at the end of the month.

We provide the analytics that help business understand customers better and make their decision-making process easier. As a leading customer analytics provider, we help our clients recognize the journeys their customers take, understand customers’ desires, and make the process of implementing what they learn simple and effective.

We make staying in compliance a breeze and give you complete control of your data at every stage of its life cycle. In the era of increasing privacy regulations, it is critical to have a process for data governance to stay compliant and gain control over your data for competitive advantage. Our clients get access to state-of-the-art data reporting and dashboard, so they know what is going on in their data network.

Get smarter and faster with our data visualization service that provides beautiful, interactive reports on your data. Manage your data, track your goals and initiatives with ease, identify outliers and compare values of various service categories & brands. Our intuitive dashboards that help you visualize what is going on along with future insights based on the data.

Working with your business and IT teams, our data consulting and advisory team offers a holistic perspective of your organization’s data needs. From assessment to modeling and implementation, we help you find the right data strategy to align your IT and operation teams with every business opportunity.
Whether you need assessment, modeling, or implementation- our certified data analysts are here to help.

Benefits of Data Analytics

How Techno-I can help you achieve your goals

Actionable data insights that help you grow, leverage Techno-I’s analyticsexpertise today.

We will help you in understanding your business by providing valuable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions. Our team of experienced data scientists and analysts are backed by the latest technologiesin their respective domains.

We help you manage diverse and complex applications at lower cost.

As amarket leader, our focus is primarily on crafting the perfect solution that’ll deliver maximum value to your business. We willcollaborate closely with you to define your specific use case whether you need to predict the upcoming market trend or make an informed decision over your services